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The backbone of every company’s IT security strategy should be protection from online threats. Hackers may gain access to your systems and retrieve information without you even realising it if you are not adequately secured.

Unexpected viruses are not only inconvenient and time-consuming to deal with; they may also result in data breaches or periods of downtime, all of which may permanently damage a company’s credibility and reputation.

Professional, up-to-date Antivirus software is critical for all companies, whether you’re a sole trader with a single laptop or a multinational company with data centres and offices around the globe.

Carden IT Services is an official partner of several leading antivirus providers, and each of our clients will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will collaborate with our cybersecurity team to decide which antivirus software and configuration will provide the best protection for their network.

Endpoint security, which focuses on protecting individual machines inside your organisation, is not the same as network antivirus software which protects your network rather than individual machines on that network. In addition to tracking data and files as they move through your network, network antivirus can be more effective at preventing malware from spreading.

Enterprise-grade antivirus programme have an advanced scanning architecture which is revised on a regular basis. This keeps you safe from the estimated 300 million new types of malware that appear every year on the internet.

Do I Still Need Antivirus If My Organization Uses iMacs?

To put it succinctly…Yes! Though Apple devices are less frequently attacked than Windows PCs, they are not inherently resistant to viruses.  Every year, more malware targeting iMacs and MacBooks is discovered, and a mindset of “it’s safe for now” has led industries that depend solely on Apple devices to become complacent, which only makes them easier targets.

In January 2019, it was discovered that a piece of malware known as CookieMiner was secretly mining cryptocurrency on infected iMacs in the background, slowing down the infected machines while also producing revenue for criminal enterprises. Worse, it was able to hack the infected user’s crypto wallets (if they had one) and drain the funds contained therein directly to the hacker’s crypto wallet.

So, yes, even if you only use Macs, you do still need antivirus.

How Does Network Antivirus Work?

  • Prevents connections being made to known malicious website domains.
  • Stops users from being able to download potentially malicious code.
  • Virus removal, deleting all potentially dangerous files and applications.
  • Encrypts user-specified folders.
  • Cross-references files with a regularly updated list of known malware, ransomware and viruses.
  • Places restrictions on external USB devices.
  • Prevents applications being installed without permission.

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