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Dark Web Scanning

Crawl the dark web for leaked password or customer details.

Your company’s confidential information might already be publicly available on the dark web right now. Your company, your clients, and your reputation are all at risk as a result.

But unlike information on the surface web, you cannot simply search for it on Google. In order to find your data, specialized dark web scanning software is required.

What Is The Dark Web, And Why Should I Be Concerned If Data From My Business Is On There?

Parts of the internet that cannot be accessed with a regular web browser and are not indexed by search engines are referred to as the “dark web.” (sometimes “Dark Net” or “Deep Web”). These dark web sites frequently engage in criminal activity. Using the dark web can be very risky if you are not experienced, you may end up risking your personal details or coming across something you didn’t want to see.

The disclosure of private, stolen information, such as bank account information, usernames, and passwords, is one of the crimes which is popular on the dark web. One can find pages full of leaked passwords, social security information, even bank and credit card details. Other sites act as brokers, selling information stolen by one hacker to another who will use it to commit fraud or identity theft.

How to Tell If Your Data In On The Dark Web

The black web can unfortunately be complicated and challenging to access when you want to check if your data has been released. Plus, you could risk even more damage if you try and go looking without knowing what you’re doing.

Fortunately, Carden IT Services can supply an automated dark web scanning and monitoring solution. Using our extensive expertise and automated, AI-driven dark web search technology, we can swiftly determine whether your data has been stolen and shared on the dark web.

If your data is discovered online, our cybersecurity team can help to mitigate the damage and implement protections to better secure your data. Technologies and techniques like password managers, access control and vulnerability scanning can all help to better secure your data and reduce the chance of future security breaches.

While it is almost impossible to get information off of the dark web. Our cybersecurity experts can assist with damage control if your data is found there. We can put safeguards in place to further secure your data to prevent future breaches. We can also work to quickly change any password which has been leaked as well as other compromised pieces of information like your static IP address.

You can better protect your data and reduce the risk of future security breaches by using tools and techniques like password managers, access control, and vulnerability assessments, all of which we can help you implement.

How Do You Scan The Dark Web?

Dark web scanning makes use of automated methods to examine areas of the internet that are frequently used by criminals but are inaccessible using a standard search engine like Google or Bing. Areas of the internet which can’t be scanned include…

  • Cybercriminals frequently use covert chat rooms, P2P networks, and internet relay channels.
  • Websites or databases which have been set as “no index” so search engines do not index them
  • Botnets
  • Dark web websites

If our security operations center receives a notification that your data has been found in one of these places, they will verify the information before notifying you and working with you to secure the accounts that have been compromised with new passwords and access controls to stop further data breaches.

Since these scans are ongoing, they can find information relatively quickly after the leak has been uploaded online. If you don’t monitor the dark web regularly, you might not discover that your data has been compromised until it’s too late.

Managed cybersecurity can stop data breaches from happening.

Our comprehensive package of cybersecurity services includes our dark web scanning services. Businesses are significantly less likely to experience a data breach in the first place if they have efficiently managed cybersecurity from a reputable provider like Carden IT Services. To find out more, contact our team right away.

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