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Conditional Access Control

Improve your Microsoft 365 security by locking down access.

Conditional Access Control can help define which users can access your 365 data, which data they can access, and from where. This improved the overall security of your 365 applications and data.

Why Use Conditional Access Control?

Businesses of all sizes have benefited greatly from Microsoft 365. Microsoft 365 is accessible from any location with an internet connection, on any device. This is incredibly practical, but as always, greater practicality frequently entails greater risk. In a situation like this, you can’t just rely on a username and password to protect your business-critical data.

If you are one of our managed IT customers, we can implement conditional access control across your Microsoft 365 services.

Conditional Access Control Explained

Similar to how presenting a passport is requirement when boarding a plane, a conditional access control is a prerequisite that users must satisfy in order to access your Microsoft 365 data.

You can exert more precise control over who has access to your sensitive data and networks by limiting access to only specific devices or people connecting from a particular area.

In order to implement Conditonal Access Control, you need to use both Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) as well as Azure Active Directory.

How We Can Help

Once we’ve set you up with an Azure Active Directory license, our team can discuss the conditions you wish to place on access to your Microsoft 365 resources and develop conditional access policies accordingly. The policies are flexible and can be amended as your business circumstances change.

How Can Conditional Access Control Help You Stay Secure?

  • Restrict To Users & Groups
    Choose which users and groups can access which data.
  • Restrict by IP Address
    Traffic from specific IP ranges for nations or regions can then be restricted. If you do not have users outside of the US, it makes sense to block all connections from abroad.
  • Restrict By Device
    You can restrict access to users depending on which device they are using. If everyone in your company uses the same hardware, this can be an excellent security boost.
  • Block Suspicious Connections
    You can utilize real-time signals to spot suspicious access attempts. This leverages the power of Azure AD Identity Protection.

Need Help Implementing Conditional Access Controls?

Setting up and configuring bespoke conditional access controls is part of our wider cybersecurity services. Speak to our cyber-defence team today to learn more.

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