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Telecoms Services New York

If you’re looking for a telecoms services provider in New York, look no further than Carden IT Services. We offer a wide range of telecoms services to businesses across the state, including VoIP systems.

We also provide a variety of telecoms features and services that can be tailored to your specific business needs.

Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, our telecoms services will help your team stay connected and productive. Contact us today to learn more about our telecoms services and how we can help your business.

What We Do

Enterprise Telecoms Systems

VoIP lets your team communicate with customers and each other from any device, anywhere in the world.

High-speed, enterprise-grade broadband available to facilitate all your new business technologies.

Top-quality hardware and software from the industry’s top names, combined with Carden’s expert IT support.

Get a unified business communications platform across landlines, cell phones, PCs, and the web.

Our Services

Advanced Communication Solutions
For Every Organization

Our Services

High-Performance Solutions For Businesses Of All Sizes

How Can We Help?

What We Supply

Phone Lines and Calls

We simplify your bills by combining your phone line and calls into a single invoice.

Leased Lines

Dedicated connections straight to the data centre. Uncontested lines mean there is no slowdown during busy periods.

Digital Phone Systems

Embrace the 21st century with advanced VoIP phone systems for even the smallest business.

Business Broadband

Make sure your business can keep up with the competition and get a fast, future-proof broadband connection.

Business Cell Phones

Great deals on handsets and packages, combined with our security and support services.

VoIP Phone Systems

Digital receptionists, video calling, hunt groups and more. VoIP brings high-tech features to every organization.

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Why Choose Us?

Professional Business Telecoms

Today, the performance of an organization is partly determined by efficient communications. Not just communication with their clients, but between colleagues, departments and with suppliers.

Our enterprise telecoms services are suitable for all types of business communications as Carden have dedicated solutions for both internal and external communications. This includes unified systems which connect directly to your CMS and AI enhanced options like Live Chat bots.

For your enterprise telecoms, individual, trackable phone numbers can be programmed. This way, by having different numbers for advertising, website and social media you know where your customers are coming from and which marketing channels are driving the most traffic to your business.

Upgrade Your Business

Reasons Businesses Choose VoIP

VoIP phone systems, administered by the telecoms experts at Carden offer a feature-rich, modern communications solution for businesses. As VoIP is based in the cloud, freelancers or those working from home can access it as well.

All-Inclusive Billing

When you combine your phone calls, phone line, broadband and IT support into a single package from Carden you don’t just get great savings, you get a single pint of contact for all IT matters in your business. No more being passed back and forth between different provider’s call centres. You will have your own dedicated personal account manager who get to know you, your organization, your technology and your business goals.

  • A single itemised monthly bill for all your enterprise technology and business communication services.
  • A dedicated account manager who knows your business.
  • Great savings on combined services.
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A man using a mobile while out of the office

Unified Connectivity

Integrating calls from landlines and cell phones, as well as text messaging and video calls into a unified VoIP network means that your employees can communicate and provide an excellent customer service from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. These unified communications solutions are ideal for organizations with several offices, or those with teams who regularly work away from the office.

  • Make it easier for your clients to contact you by using a single, memorable business number across cell phones, landlines, and VoIP services.
  • With a unified telecoms dashboard, you can manage all your business communications through a single web-based interface.
  • Provide the same excellent service to your customers, from any device, in any location.

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Did you know we have a dedicated website for our Telecoms service? Part of Carden IT Group, Carden Telecoms is where you will find all of our latest communication products and services.

Business Telecoms

You Can Rely On

Whether you need to contact your customers, your co-workers or your suppliers, we’ve got the technology to make it happen.

Personal Account Manager

Every one of our clients has their own dedicated account manager who gets to know them and their business.

Spending Analytics

Our team analyses your phone bills, letting you know how new or different services would save you money.


We can conduct a full audit of your communications systems, finding wastage, vulnerabilities or redundancy.

Digital or Analogue

We are experts in all telecoms systems, from the newest VoIP to outdated ISDN systems, we’ve seen it before.

Dedicated Support

We have an in-house helpdesk, always on call to solve telecoms issues. Our average resolution time is 14 minutes.

Flexible Pricing and Bills

Our pricing plans can be paid monthly or quarterly and we have plans to suit every size of organization.