Secure Remote Access for New York Business Infrastructure

In a modern business, secure remote access is vitally important. This is true for every business, but it is of particular concern to businesses with staff that work remotely. 

The work environment for businesses in New York has changed rapidly, and since the end of the pandemic, remote work has become increasingly common. IT departments and cybersecurity services have had to evolve quickly to deal with the new threats that have emerged because of these changes. When sensitive data and business-critical infrastructure is being accessed remotely, it’s vital to know who is accessing it and from where, and to have a way of verifying that.  

At Carden IT Services, we have experience implementing secure remote access tools for NY companies, allowing them to access their network and data remotely. Our solutions are affordable, secure, and can be tailored to your business’s specific needs, and can help you implement best practices for remote access security policies in New York.