How Costly Can Cybersecurity Errors Be For Accountants

How Costly Can Cybersecurity Errors Be For Accountants?

Cybersecurity should be a serious concern for all businesses, but it should be of particular concern for accounting firms. With the increasing reliance on technology and the internet to store and transmit sensitive financial information, accountants need to be diligent about protecting their clients’ data from cyber-attacks. Unfortunately, cyber-attacks on accounting firms are common and cybersecurity errors are also all too common in the accounting industry. The cost of these mistakes can be significant. In this blog we’ll explore the most common cybersecurity mistakes, and the potential cost of these errors can have for accountancy firms.

IT Security Risks For Accountants And How To Avoid Them

IT Security Risks For Accountants And How To Avoid Them

As an accountant, you are responsible for handling sensitive financial information for your clients, making you a prime target for cybercriminals. With the widespread use of technology in the accounting industry, it’s more important than ever to be aware of the potential IT security risks and to take steps to protect yourself and your clients from data breaches. In this blog, we will discuss common IT security risks faced by accountants and provide practical tips on how to avoid them. 

The IT Security Guide For Manhattan Businesses

The IT Security Guide For Manhattan Businesses – How To Stay Safe Online 

Businesses in Manhattan are a prime target for cybercriminals. Unfortunately, these hackers don’t stop to check whether you are a small business or a multinational before they attack, and frankly, they don’t care.

This is why it’s important for every business in Manhattan to know what they can do to protect their network, data, and customers from online threats. In this article, we cover the key threats that businesses in Manhattan face, as well as some steps you can take today to improve your cyber defences.

mobile phone with padlock on top of it

How To Keep Your Team’s Mobile Devices Protected

Mobile devices are more important than ever when it comes to the workplace. With a desire for greater flexibility in workplaces, many organizations are shifting to a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environment. While this can be a boost to productivity and employee satisfaction, there are obvious security risks in letting users access corporate files and emails on their personal device.

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