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What Is Ransomware and How Can Managed IT Services Help Prevent It?

Ransomware is the number one risk for businesses in New York. Managed IT services can help you prevent it. In this article we’re going to cover the risks of ransomware to your business. We’ll also explain how we’ve helped our customers prevent it. 

Ransomware is a type of malware which encrypts data on your device. After the data is encrypted, a ransom will be demanded (normally in cryptocurrency). If the ransom is not paid, the data is either perpetually blocked or leaked online. However, you have no guarantee that paying the ransom will actually result in the data being unencrypted.  

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The Most Needed Business IT Services

When you’re starting a business, it can be tempting to think that you can handle the IT yourself. Given that 25% of new CEOs are under 45, many will have grown up using technology and may feel like they have a good enough grasp of IT already. Given our experience, we’re not so sure! Today, we’re going to detail a few ways that managed IT for a new business can be especially helpful and let you know the IT services and solutions which are absolutely essential.

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What Are The Financial Benefits Of Managed IT Services?

Many businesses are choosing to use IT providers like Carden IT Services rather than build their own in-house IT departments. Not just because of our expertise and excellent response times, there’s also some major financial benefits to managed IT services. Let’s take a look at some of the ways our services save our clients money and improve their profitability. 

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Why Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is Important For Your Business and How Does it Work?

A complex and long password full of random numbers or letters used to be considered the height of password security – but even the strongest password isn’t much use if someone else tricks you into revealing it. The purpose of password security isn’t to test your brain’s ability to remember a collection of obscure symbols, it’s to validate your identity as the correct owner of the account. To this end, Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) is a far superior way of proving that you are who you say you are.

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What Is Access Control And Why Is It Important? 

With an ever-increasing amount of IT infrastructure now hosted in the cloud and protected by the security teams of some of the world’s biggest service providers like Amazon, Microsoft and Google, the primary focus for data security is now access control. For example, while the security of your assets in the cloud is normally the responsibility of your chosen cloud service provider, the responsibility of securing the access to your cloud assets rests with you.