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Why You Need IT Services When You’re Starting A Business 

When you’re starting a business, it can be tempting to think that you can handle the IT yourself. Given that 25% of new CEOs are under 45, many will have grown up using technology and may feel like they have a good enough grasp of IT already. Given our experience, we’re not so sure! Today, we’re going to detail a few ways that managed IT for a new business can be especially helpful.

Get It Right From Day One
It is better to get something right the first time than to try and fix it later. By partnering with a managed IT services provider, you can build a professionally managed network which works for your business needs. Early-stage decisions like this can be the difference between a business’s success or failure. Your future self will thank you for using managed IT services from day one.  

Easily Scalable
Managed IT services are either charged per device, or per user. This makes managed IT a highly scalable solution. If you’re successful, your small business won’t stay small for very long and as you add more users your IT can become exponentially more complicated and costly if you are managing it yourself. By using a managed IT provider like Carden IT Services LLC, you can simply add another user to your monthly service plan for a small, incremental cost.  

Focus On Your Business
No matter how good you are at IT, you’re the CEO, not the tech support. As your business grows and both the management and technological sides of your role grow more complex, one is likely to suffer. Because CEOs care about their business, they often neglect the IT side. This can lead to inefficiencies and vulnerabilities developing.  

By using managed IT services, you can focus 100% of your time and effort on your business and your team and know that your IT is taken care of.  

Have An Advantage Over Your Competition
If your competitors are other start-ups, many of them will be attempting to go it alone and handle their own IT. By having managed IT support, you will have an immediate advantage over these other start-ups.  

If your competitors are more established businesses in an industry you are looking to disrupt, you’ll need every advantage you can get. Carden IT Services gives you the same great IT service whether you’re a start-up or a multinational. This allows you to compete at a high level.  

Reduce Costs
Managed IT services for start-ups aren’t just cost-effective, they can be cost saving too. Businesses which use managed IT services are more efficient, suffer less downtime and are less at risk of cyber-attack. Reducing downtime equates to increasing productivity, and ultimately, increases profit margins.  

Stay Up To Date As Technology Changes
Even if you know everything there is to know about business IT today, will that still be the case in 2 years’ time? What about in 10 years? The more successful your business becomes, the less time you’ll have to stay up to date with all the latest technological innovations. 

Our IT support team is constantly researching new productivity tools, testing enterprise IT and cloud solutions and gaining knowledge on emerging technologies. This is all in the services of our clients, finding new ways to improve their IT systems and making sure that there’s never a problem we’re unprepared for. 

These are just some of the ways that managed IT support can benefit new businesses. Whatever your product or service, if you’re a start-up and are looking to get your IT perfect from day one, speak to our team today. Our dedicated team have years of experience helping small business owners use technology services to generate long term growth. 

Author: Jeremy Huson

Jeremy Huson is the founder and director of Carden IT Services LLC. He has nearly two decades of experience managing business’s IT networks and his areas of expertise are IT consultation and cybersecurity.

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