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The Top 5 Benefits of Using a Managed Cloud Services Provider

Information is essential to the functioning of a modern company, and cloud services act as the foundation.

Cloud services provide versatility and scalability for organizations of all sizes, but as more and more enterprise is hosted in the cloud, the administration of these systems becomes a full-time job for some businesses and those without highly qualified IT departments may soon find themselves out of their depth.

A dedicated, managed cloud service provider can help offer your cloud infrastructure consistency and protection whether your company is entirely cloud-based or running in a hybrid cloud framework.

Through addressing your missing knowledge and approaching your cloud infrastructure with a well-documented and methodical nature, a managed cloud service provider will help you remain one step ahead of the game and leverage the cloud’s full potential.

A managed cloud services provider handles the everyday management of your company’s cloud-based applications and platforms. Outsourcing to a third-party cloud provider is the ideal option for companies that lack the capacity or technological resources to take full advantage of the cloud.

A third-party package for managed cloud services includes:

  • Security of the cloud
  • Automated backups
  • Management of the entire application stack
  • Liaising directly with cloud providers
  • Guidance on how to make best use of your cloud services
  • Disaster recovery plans to backup and restore your cloud data
  • Detailed reporting on the health and security of your cloud network

Having partnered with organizations of all sizes to set up, maintain and improve their cloud environments, we’ve assembled a list of the top five reasons why a managed cloud service is right for you.

1. Save Cash on IT
Outsourcing the cloud services management would allow you to downsize the own internal IT team, or free up time to work on other projects. Employing a full-time IT team is costly and can be overkill for small and medium-sized businesses.  Cloud systems operate within a constantly fluctuating IT world, needing the most up-to-date industry expertise for proper management.

Outsourcing your IT to a third party such as Carden IT Services could save you thousands on your annual IT expenses.

2. Fixed Monthly Fee
A managed cloud service contract ensures the cost of running the cloud is predictable. Each month you pay a set amount that covers any cloud-related tasks, instead of relying on ad-hoc assistance which can be both expensive and difficult to predict the cost of.

A fixed fee helps you to calculate your IT budget in advance, making wiser financial choices clearer. You can tailor your plan precisely to suit the needs and budget of your company.

3. Fast-Time Response
The more infrastructure is placed in the cloud, and the more your business relies on it, the more important it is that any problems are dealt with quickly as each minute of downtime represent potential revenue lost.

A Partnership with a Cloud MSP, especially one such as Carden IT Services that provides round-the-clock monitoring, ensures that any problems are dealt with right away.

4. Efficient Disaster Recovery
Cloud services make it much easier to recover from a digital catastrophe such as a malware attack, data breach (or a physical one such as an office fire), but it is still a task which has to be done carefully by a team who are conscious of how important it is.

It can be difficult to recover your data in a way that is accurate, accessible and complies with data retention regulations in your industries – particularly if you are unfamiliar with the mechanisms involved.

A successful managed cloud service provider will help you make a disaster recovery plan and ensure that in a worst-case situation you can get back to work as soon as possible. They’ll always be on hand to help execute the programme should that day ever.

5. In Depth Reporting from Cloud Experts
Support for the best cloud services is not only reactive, it’s proactive.

The best providers of support, like Carden IT Services, offer round-the-clock monitoring of the safety and capacity of your cloud environments. They will deliver the information they have gathered back to you in an easily comprehendible and easily actionable format.

At Carden IT Services, we offer monthly updates on the cloud to our cloud service clients along with a bullet-pointed list of suggested improvements. We warn our customers, for example, if they exceed the limits of their current cloud storage or if there are more effective ways of using their network.

Don’t depend on guesswork; a daily, comprehensive report will help you make informed decisions that will support your company, your workforce and your clients.

If your company is looking to make full use of cloud infrastructure – the best way to do so is through a Managed Cloud Services provider such as Carden IT Services.

Author: Jeremy Huson

Jeremy Huson is the founder and director of Carden IT Services LLC. He has nearly two decades of experience managing businesses’ IT networks and his areas of expertise are IT consultation and cybersecurity.