Data Backup

Disaster Recovery

For some companies, data loss is an inconvenience; for others, it may be disastrous, resulting in a total collapse in their ability to operate and their credibility.

The resulting data loss, whether caused by hardware failure, a security breach, or simply human error, may be enough to put some companies out of business for good.

As a result, having a safe and easily recoverable data backup is critical for all businesses. But that is not all, you also need a place to work, a channel for colleagues to communicate and a way to reach your customers. These are all part of a comprehensive disaster recovery plan.

Carden IT Safeguards Your Business

Our team of experts is here to provide the best options, allowing you to get up and running quickly and with the least amount of disruption to your daily operations. The following services are included in the backup and recovery service:

1. Continuous Round The Clock Recovery

There will be no more need for manual backups. All network changes are tracked and backed up in real time using Carden’s cloud infrastructure’s continuous backup and recovery software.

2. Remote Network and Backup Monitoring

All our systems are monitored constantly, and validation tests are performed on a regular basis. This means that the data is still accessible in the case of a disaster.

3. Disaster Plan Testing & Auditing

Daily system audits are performed to find potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the infrastructure. We work to increase the pace at which your data can be retrieved using the information collected in these audits and fix vulnerabilities as we go.

As part of this testing, we can also help to train your team members on the risk to your data and the best practices to avoid them.

4. Off-Premises Backups

An on-site backup is practically worthless if it is destroyed under the same conditions as the original data. For instance, if you were storing your backup server in the same room as your live server and you had an office fire, you would likely loose both.

To address this, we store all our backups in off-premises data centres which themselves are also backed up. Following industry best-practice, all your data is encrypted and compressed before it is stored.

5. Technical Support

Our technical support staff will be available in the event of a disaster to get your systems up and running as quickly as possible with minimal downtime. They will help you implement the disaster recovery plan they developed with you.

Do you lack confidence in your backup and disaster recovery processes?

Contact us today and prevent simple data losses from turning into a data disaster.

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