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Amazon AWS

While larger companies can invest in their own dedicated, on-site solutions for computing, smaller organizations often do not have the capital or physical space to do so. Smaller companies are also often in the process of growing so they need solutions that are scalable and can grow with them.

An alternative solution is for a company to move its IT infrastructure to a cloud-based environment. This allows small companies to leverage more computer power than they could physically support and compete at the same level as more established players.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) holds an estimated 52% of the cloud computing market and supports the infrastructure of several large organizations such as Samsung, NASA and Netflix. By leveraging a large array of offsite cloud services AWS helps businesses manage their application, communications and storage.

Deploying Amazon AWS

Carden IT Services will manage the whole process of your migration to the cloud. We guarantee to do this expediently and with as little disruption to your operations as possible.

Working with your team we will help you choose the best cloud-based solution to match your organization’s needs and goals. We will conduct a thorough audit of your entire IT infrastructure to identify which aspects could be effectively migrated to the cloud.
Carden IT Services are experts in all of Amazon’s cloud offerings, including;
Amazon S3 Cloud Storage.
Amazon Route 53.
AWS CloudWatch Monitoring.
Amazon EC2 Virtual Servers.
Amazon Dynamo DB.
Amazon Aurora Databases.
AWS Lambda Coding Environment.

Why Choose Carden IT Services For Your Amazon AWS Deployment?

As experts in cloud computing, we have assisted dozens of companies to migrate their infrastructure to the cloud. We manage every step of the migration, from initial advice and IT audits, to the ongoing support after you have moved your infrastructure to the cloud.

Support and Monitoring

Once we have completed your migration, our cloud support team will be providing monitoring, troubleshooting and threat detection. We can also help to configure automated backups and we can train your staff on best practices when working in cloud environment.