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Disaster Recovery Service (DRAAS)

How long do you think your business survive without access to its data? If your think “Well, it couldn’t?” then you need to ensure that you have an effective disaster recovery plan in place.

Predicting when a disaster will occur of what form it will take is almost impossible but preparing for your recovery isn’t. A comprehensive Disaster Recovery Service should form a key part of your plan for business continuity.

By utilizing Veeam’s cloud services, Carden IT Services provide you with a cloud-based backup of your existing on-premises server. The on-site server is continuously backed up to the cloud as changes are made. It can then be easily recovered if the unforeseen should ever occur.

This cloud-hosted replica of your server can be accessed and restored via a VPN. This means that in the event of a disaster (flooding, power failure, fire) you can quickly get your business up and running.