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Windows Virtual Desktop gives you desktop and app virtualisation in the cloud. Unlike other virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI), Windows Virtual Desktop enables you to run a multi-session Windows 10 experience in addition to supporting Windows Server Remote Desktop Services (RDS) desktops.

What Does Windows Virtual Desktop Allow Me To Do?


How Can Carden IT Services Help?

As Microsoft Office 365 experts, Carden IT Services are primed to help your business transition to a cloud-hosted desktop environment. We can consult with you about the limitations and needs of your current setup and work with you to ensure your transition is handled securely and with as little disruption to your day to day operations as possible. We can even set you up on WVD out of hours, so your employees can leave on Friday and arrive Monday morning to a newly cloud-powered office.
After your business is up and running on the cloud through Windows Virtual Desktop, we can provide troubleshooting and advice and deploy and manage your hosted desktops. We can also provide regular reports on your cloud resource usage to ensure you are using them in the most efficient way. We work with you to ensure that running your business in the cloud doesn’t just match your previous experience, it exceeds it.