Exclaimer Signature Manager - Carden IT LLC

Exclaimer Signature Manager

Exclaimer’s signature management software allows you to centrally manage your email signatures. The perfect solution to alter the content, graphics, images and format of all outbound email signatures sent from your network.

Carden IT Services’ email support team will configure your Exclaimer account, integrating it with your preferred mail client and setting up your user portal that will allow you to make alterations to hundreds of signatures at once and create templates based on job role or department.


Compatibility with a plethora of popular email clients, including; Google’s G Suite and Microsoft’s Outlook and Office365.
The option to configure time-specific signatures for public holidays or to promote special offers.
A vast library of existing signature templates.
Separate signature policies for separate user groups (e.g. departments).
The ability to drop in unique design elements like photos.
Mobile optimized signatures.
Text to HTML conversion by default.
Editable templates.
Compatibility with existing contact information from Gmail, Outlook or Active Directory.
Integration with popular social media platforms.