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Mobile Device Management

The modern workplace has to contend with the numerous security issues raised by employees using their own devices. Balancing the boost in productivity and opportunities for remote working and collaboration with the cybersecurity and regulatory concerns that arise can be a challenge for any organization.

Carden provides comprehensive mobile device management solutions designed to maximize both productivity and security.

The ability to collaborate seamlessly across a range of devices while keeping each one secure is the key an effective mobile device management plan.

Our Process

Carden’s telecoms team will draft a comprehensive MDM plan for your organization, focusing on:

  • Encrypting sensitive data.
  • Setting effective policies for authenticating users and passwords.
  • Determining the frequency of security scans
  • Picking the most appropriate Anti-Virus tools.
  • Choosing the default applications on all employee devices.
  • Implementing procedures for lost or stolen devices.
Once we have worked with you to determine the best MDM solution for your specific requirements. We will help to deploy these policies and technologies across your workforce’s devices in as short a time and with as little disruption as possible.

The Benefits To Your Business:

Multi-Platform Access

Tools, applications and files can be accessed from any authorized device in your company. Including both cell phones and tablets. We are happy to help source new and up-to-date devices for your staff in order to improve your MDM policy.

Remote Monitoring

Device usage can be tracked across your organization and lost/stolen devices can be easily tracked and located or, if needed, remotely disabled or locked.

Easily Configured

Permissions for files, apps and tools can be easily customized. You decide exactly what is available, who to and when.

Enterprise-Grade Security

All access attempts are governed by two-factor authentication (2FA) and network access controls. This keeps sensitive and business-critical information and communications secure.

Centrally Managed

A central dashboard is available to set administrators. This allows for security policies to be managed and software updates to be deployed from a central control point.

Full Control Of Your Data

We help you to stay compliant with your industry’s regulatory framework around data storage and use. Including the ability to set regular backups and to silo your employee’s personal data from the business-critical data on their device.

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