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Virtual Server Hosting

Sharing and storing data is one of the most performed tasks by modern businesses in their day-to-day activities. Doing this on a dedicated server improves efficiency and security.

Though in-house servers are the natural choice, the costs associated with their installation and upkeep, as well as the physical space they require makes them an unfeasible choice for all but the largest companies.

Smaller organizations would be better suited by Virtual Server Hosting - hosting server space on a cloud platform.

Custom Cloud Storage

Virtual server hosting with Carden IT Services offers the same benefits as an on-site server at a far lower cost. Additionally, because it’s virtual it’s far easier to scale your server space up to down as the requirements of your business change.

Carden IT Services will manage the physical server, taking care of everything from its power supply and cooling to its security (both physical and cybersecurity).

Benefits of Virtual Server Hosting

Reduce the amount your organization spends on maintenance and repair costs

Scales with the size and server requirements of your business.

Securely housed servers, protected 24/7 by both physical and digital security measures.

What Carden IT Services Can Do For You

Have your virtual server up and running within two weeks.

Regular security, storage capacity and performance reports.

Disaster recovery planning.

Implement failsafe data backups.

Guarantee uptime for essential services.

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