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Web Security Services

To ensure that your organization, employee and customers’ data is protected from a vast array of online threats – utilize Carden IT Services’ Web Security Packages.
Through our international network of data centers, we detect and mitigate online attacks. We can:
Ensure secure web browsing.

Detect and block suspicious domains.

Implement user authorization on all relevant apps and services.

Automatically categorize requested URLs according to authority and credibility.

Create customized whitelists and blacklists of sites.

Allow internal users to access riskier sites by ringfencing them from the rest of your network.

Defend your business from data losses and embarrassing data breaches by integrating with over 50 cloud platforms including Office365, Salesforce and Dropbox.

Why Choose Carden IT?

Obtain best-in-class security.

Maintain peak performance.

Be fully protected within 24 hours.

Get full control for your administrators.

Configure and adjust your own security policies.

Ensure security across all devices including tablets and cell phones, not just computers.

We work with you to ensure your compliance with all your industry’s statutory regulations.

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